We specialise in providing ISL interpreting & translation services. Ph: 071-959-0144

Confidential & Non-Judgemental Service


We provide the very best in professional interpreting services to the commerical/corporate and community & voluntary sectors across a wide range of settings;

education & training, 

corporate &
social sectors. 

To enquire about  interpreting phone 071  959 0144
or email: bookings@islinterpreting.ie.

We will advise on the most appropriate arrangement of interpreters and send you a quotation.
Our interpreters are all trained, experienced and formally qualified with experience in all aspects of interpreting.  In particular our interpreters have worked with services such as The Court Service, Probation Service, Solicitor-Client consultations, Tusla Child and Family Protection Agency, HSE services such as hospitals and other  medical appointments, GP visits, outpatient clinics, surgical procedures, Oncology, Diabetes and other ongoing treatment clinics.  We also work with services as diverse  as Counselling, mediation, parent teacher meetings, religious occasions such as Communion/Confirmation, weddings, to corporate motivation meetings, drama performance, negotiations and others.

Clear, accurate communication instills confidence in both deaf and non-deaf consumers and providers of a service, hence using trained and qualified professionals will help to avoid communication errors and frustration.